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The magazine features articles and contributions from the Neurolanguage Coaching® Network worldwide.

Your contributions to the magazine are so important, we want to share your successes, your stories, your celebrations and really shout loud about all of the amazing things that are happening in the Neurolanguage world.

So to help us do just that, I’m inviting the whole coach network to send in articles, ideas, success stories.

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Thank you to everyone who has contributed and thank you to those of you who will be part of the magazine in the editions to come.

Guidelines for articles

Download our quick guide to article requirements

Here are some guidelines to help you write something for the magazine:

1. Articles can be shorter but please try to keep the word count to around 1000 words. If you go over, it’s fine but not too much.

2. Write your article in Word or Google Docs with font “Times New Roman” font size 12.

3. Give your article a title and say that it is written by you.

4. Subtitles are useful for clarity but it’s up to you.

5. Include some pictures or photos if you can and give a small explanation under each one.

6. Please include a short bio and a photo of yourself and your email address and please say if you want your email address to be made public.

7. Don’t be nervous if this is the first time you have written an article, I will help you all the way through.

This is a your magazine, please help to make it great,

Happy writing


Image Guidelines

If you need software to be able to help you shape, crop, filter and size images, we would recommend you use the free version of Canva.

Canva can be found at

Instructions on how to use can be found here –

For the magazine, the ideal dimensions for images are:

  • Minimum of 170 x 170 pixels for bio images
  • Ideal size of all other images is 948 x 632 pixels